69 Weddington Branch Rd.
Pikeville, KY


Meet the doctors:

With over 33 years invested in the jewelry business, Steve and Rosemary McQuerry founded The Jewelry Doctors, now located in Cross Roads Plaza, Pikeville, KY. From district manager of C & H Rauch to managing the repair shop for its 55 stores, Steve has developed a name for himself in the jewelry business.

In 1993, Steve began a traveling remount and repair shop that proved to be very successful in local malls and jewelry stores. It was only time before the demand warranted something more stationary and fulltime. Since the opening of the Jewelry Doctors in 2002, the doctors have won the People's Choice awards four years in a row. Whether you want to rebuild, recreate new jewelry from old, or desire a brand new Diamond engagement ring, The Jewelry Doctors can help.


  1. Jewelry Buying - Gold, Silver, Used, Sterling Silverware, Gold and Silver Coins

  2. Engraving - Most metals, glass, leather embossing, acrylics, and plastics

  3. Ring Resizing

  4. Jewel Remounting

  5. Watches- Band resizing and battery replacement

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